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March 29 2017

Ilmarinenkowal Grzegorz Kowal

November 22 2016

September 16 2016


June 02 2016

May 18 2016

Freckled beauty :)

April 24 2016

Lumbersexual Viking :P

January 06 2016

Icelandic Galdrastafir

October 26 2015

Sami girl
I really should start studying, but you know, the reindeer needs a walk ;P

October 10 2015

Viking little girl :)
This is real viking! Killing with her sweetness ;>
used: vendelrus.deviantart.com/art/T…

August 06 2015

Viking Ilmarinen
Wolin 2015

July 05 2015


June 30 2015

5966 f19a


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May 03 2015

6421 d7f7
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April 21 2015

April 08 2015

April 07 2015

Vikings sailed away
All the guys sailed on viking so now we finally have some peace and quiet :D
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March 14 2015

Mjolnir from Skane
Reconstruction of the real viking hammer from Sweden ;)
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